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Why I became a chiropractor

First off, thanks for reading my very first post on my blog.

Really, thank you.

Now, onto the topic of the day. I’d like to tell you the story as to why I chose my profession.

I was never particularly good at sports growing up, but to be fair, I never stuck with any one long enough to get any good at them. I was known as a “sampler”. I was quickly discouraged when I was dunked on, somebody outran me, or punched in the face (yes I did martial arts for a bit too). I always felt that I “missed out”.

Enter Kettlebell Sport. This is a relatively new sport to North America and I stumbled upon it the summer before my last year at university. Simply put, the user performs as many repetitions as possible of either jerks, snatches, or clean and jerks with kettlebells in a period of 10 minutes. I tried it out, and quickly excelled. Before I knew it, I started competing and started winning. I felt like a finally belonged. Yes it sounds corny, but that’s what I felt.

One day, I was training and hurt myself. I wasn’t able to perform at my best anymore.

Michael Scott GIF

(this is kinda what it felt like)

I had finally found something that I was good at and loved, and my body was telling me no. It was very frustrating and disheartening.

My father recommended that I visit his chiropractor for help.

I got treatment. I got better. I was able to train pain-free again.

This is the reason I chose chiropractic.

The feeling I had when I wasn’t able to play the sport that I loved was absolutely devastating. My mission is to help people who are in this situation to get back playing the game they love. My ultimate mission is to prevent this awful feeling altogether! I’m in constant, never-ending motion to hone my skills and knowledge to better prepare me to achieve my mission.

Thanks for reading.