Approach To Care


Movement | High Performance Testing | Orthopedic | Strength | Mobility | Goals

The way and how much you move often dictates how you feel and can well you can perform. A thorough analysis, technology-assisted if necessary, will help us come determine the source of your dysfunction.


Corrective Exercise Prescription | Manual Therapy | Contemporary Medical Acupuncture | Manipulation | Modalities | Athletic and Kineso Taping | Education

The synergistic combination of customized exercise prescription, education and “hands-on” work will help to improve how you feel and move.


Training | Performance | Coaching | Sports Nutrition

Once we have proper movement quality, integratingnutritional advice and proper exercise to your plan will help to “build you back up” to where you were prior to injury.


Movement and Mobility Prerequisites | Risk Factors Assessment | Neuromuscular Control | Body Preparation

If you play sports, injuries are unavoidable. However, there are many known risk factors that have been shown to be correlated with subsequent injury. Movement quality is one of the best predictors for subsequent injury. A thorough analysis and correction of dysfunction can help prevent injuries!


Sport-Specific Training | Reaching New Goals

Do you want to lift more? Run faster or further? Jump higher? Enable your body to perform at new levels never before attained. The sky’s the limit.