Movement is like COOKING

Hi All! Been a little while since I’ve posted.  I guess being a new dad will do that to you! I’m going to be starting to post on youtube more frequently now, so I’m pretty excited about that! Today, I give the analogy of how MOVEMENT is like COOKING. Enjoy!

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I LIFTED KETTLEBELLS AGAIN! (at the NKSO) – 017 – Kettlebell Sport Science (& VLOG)

I take you “behind the scenes” at the Niagara Kettlebell Sport Open (NKSO). This was my first time vlogging. I still find it very strange talking into a camera, especially in public! This was the 4th annual NKSO. Learn more here: Special thanks to Gregor Sobocan for actually succeeding in getting me on the platform for the first time since **I realize that I had the gain on too high on the mic – my bad**  

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HELP YOUR WRIST PAIN – 014 – Kettlebell Sport Science

Hi everyone,   One frustrating thing that I have personally gone through in Kettlebell Sport is wrist pain.  Resting the kettlebell in the rack position can put stress on the wrist and lead to pain. One way to help deal with this pain is to tape the wrist.  Below, I show you a way to tape the wrist in a way to help support the carpal (wrist) bones. DISCLAIMER: Persistent wrist pain sucks.  I mean, it really sucks.  Please understand that this tape job is a “band-aid” and any persistent pain should be checked out by a health care professional.

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