Grip Training for Kettlebell Sport – 009 – Kettlebell Sport Science

Hey there Kettle-heads! If you’ve been like me, the most frustrating part about not being able to finish a set of snatches is because your grip gives out. In this week’s episode, I take you through various grip exercises that you can add to your repertoire, as well as some tips to best train grip, and even some hand health care sprinkled on. So without further ado, episode 009…

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“Fling” the Kettlebell – 008 – Kettlebell Sport Science

Hey there Kettlebellers! For this week’s episode, you will be making physics your best friend.  Sorry Nick. In the video below, you will learn how to best use momentum to propel (or “fling”) the kettlebell into the rack for a clean, or overhead in a snatch. There are two things to be aware of: Rocking motion Hip drive / thrust Without further ado, find out what the heck I used that thing for.       Thanks!

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Best Warm-Up for Kettlebell Sport – 007 – Kettlebell Sport Science

This week, I take you through the best warm-up for kettlebell sport. The basic structure of a warm-up, supported by the literature, is as follows: Submaximal intensity aerobic activity Dynamic stretching (large amplitude) Sport specific activities Each has a specific purpose: Increase body and muscle temperature –> this helps to increase muscle metabolism, muscle fiber performance, and muscle fiber conduction velocity Post-activation potentiation (briefly stated, the process by which previous muscle contractions leads to subsequent facilitated contractions) Rehearsal, getting in the zone   BUT WHAT ABOUT RANGE OF MOTION?!? Ah yes.  Dynamic stretching has in fact been show to increase

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Weightlifting Shoes for Kettlebell Sport Athletes (Are they needed?) – 006 – Kettlebell Sport Science

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Picture this.  You just started kettlebell sport.  You buy the kettlebells, a 5-year supply of chalk and the weightlifting shoes.  But do you really understand the reason WHY the weightlifting shoes are needed? In this episode, we discuss: What weightlifting shoes do How to assess your own ankle mobility Determine if weightlifting shoes may be useful for you  

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Lowering from the Lockout into the Rack Position – 005 – Kettlebell Sport Science

Continuing our discussion regarding lumber hyperextension (with a brief detour in episode 004),  we look at ways that we can diminish this while lowering from the lockout position into the rack position. Key points from today’s episode: Softer “landings are safer” Contract abdomen to avoid excessive lumbar extension I’m having more fun editing these videos.   T-shirt of the day brought to you by Kettlebell 4 Autism – A GREAT organization wtih the goal of raising awareness about autism through kettlebell training and sport.  Please visit their site!  

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Avoiding Rotation in the Bottom Position of the Snatch – 004 – Kettlebell Sport Science

We know from numerous biomechanical, anatomical and cadaveric studies that inducing flexion and rotation to the lumbar spine puts a large amount of stress on our discs.  Constantly loading the low back in this position may lead to low back pain and disc herniations / bulges. Do you think it may be a good idea to avoid this position, especially under a high eccentric load?  I sure do. Enter the kettlebell snatch.  Most of us are taught to keep a straight back throughout this exercise.  But if you’re like me, 8, 9, 10 minutes into a set of snatches, we

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Getting the Most Out of the First Dip – 002 – Kettlebell Sport Science

Welcome to episode 002! The Jerk is composed of 4 different phases: First Dip Drive Second Dip Recovery For this episode, we talk about getting the most out of the first dip. In my opinion, if the first dip isn’t executed optimally, this can set you up for a “less than ideal” drive phase. Watch below to learn how to set yourself up for a successful and efficient lift.   Key points discussed in the video: Why many people are “wasting” energy by not using the most important hip extensor muscle! Why your low back is at risk for an injury

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Low Back and Hip Extension in the Kettlebell Sport Rack Position – 001 – Kettlebell Sport Science

elcome to the first installment of my new series:   Kettlebell Sport Science Combining Kettlebells, Kettlebell Sport, and Sport Science all into one educational and practical info packet   The first topic I would like to tackle is regarding The Relationship Between Low Back and Hip Extension in the Rack Position.   A brief anatomy overview (and I mean BRIEF): The hip is a ball and socket joint, and it roughly has about 30 degrees available to it. The low back, known as the lumbar spine, is composed of 5 vertebrae.  The “average” lumbar spine has a lordosis (a backwards

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Why I became a chiropractor

First off, thanks for reading my very first post on my blog. Really, thank you. Now, onto the topic of the day. I’d like to tell you the story as to why I chose my profession. I was never particularly good at sports growing up, but to be fair, I never stuck with any one long enough to get any good at them. I was known as a “sampler”. I was quickly discouraged when I was dunked on, somebody outran me, or punched in the face (yes I did martial arts for a bit too). I always felt that I

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