I LIFTED KETTLEBELLS AGAIN! (at the NKSO) – 017 – Kettlebell Sport Science (& VLOG)

I take you “behind the scenes” at the Niagara Kettlebell Sport Open (NKSO). This was my first time vlogging. I still find it very strange talking into a camera, especially in public! This was the 4th annual NKSO. Learn more here: Special thanks to Gregor Sobocan for actually succeeding in getting me on the…


Implications of the Thoracic Spine (Overhead Stability Part 1) – 010 – Kettlebell Sport Science

Hey gang! I’ll be starting a new mini-series within my Kettlebell Sport Science series (Inception, à la series?). I will be diving deep on the topic of overhead stability.  Of course, this is a very important part of kettlebell sport.  Without it, every rep would be a no count! For this first part, I will…